What’s In A Website

Every company is unique and needs a strong presence on the web. We create responsive sites for our clients and have a catalogue of bespoke services so that you can build exactly the site that caters to your company’s needs.

Our Services

Web Development
Website development is our core business.  We develop web shops through various open source platforms such as Magneto, WooCommerce etc. that meet your requirements.  Our webshops are friendly and uncluttered with highly secured payment options.  Your customers can quickly and easily place an order.  We build custom-made websites that keep pace with latest technology and design trends.  We give you the flexibility to create your own branded personalised image and then make it user-friendly for your customers so they can quickly, easily and efficiently place an order on your site.

Web Design
The strength of our team of specialists is due to the combination of our skills and disciplines:  Design presentation, construction and accessibility are what drive a good website.  We ensure that your presence is modern, fresh and customer friendly to facilitate flow within your site.  Clean design focuses on the careful and precise positioning of the important elements throughout the site – a place for everything and everything in its place.  The website can be considered quite busy with lots of elements to consider, but as long as the design is kept clean, the website will work.  Clean website design conveys elegance.

Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your website can be optimized for Google, so you’re easier to find on Google. The sites are of course first viewed at the top of a Google search. If you make sure your plan is one in Google when your website is good, all businesses will quickly choose for your business, and you generate extra revenue. Using Google Adwords and SEA can advertise. Then you are at the very top. But not only the website is important, social media can help you to more customers. It is the ideal way to communicate with your target audience and in addition you can indicate when an advertisement through social media which target group should be visible. Using conversion optimization, we ensure that your website will not only get more visitors but these visitors also more likely to make a purchase.

Our Experiences and Skills!

Aesthetics, ergonomics, design should all be used to serve a purpose.  We believe that every detail matters and that everything you see and don’t see should have a meaning.  During the process of building, we keep listening and adapting as we work towards the final result.  Nothing gives us more satisfaction than to build websites of the highest standards.

Photoshop/Indesign 94 %
PHP/Wordpress 96 %

We hope you have some ideas of how we work. We would love to work together on a project!
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